Distance Education Course

The course is created to be a contribution for existing entrepreneurs and managers in different sectors of an economy, as well as for students of the professional study programs “Business Administration” and “Human resources management” who directly or indirectly participate in the recruitment and employment of people with disabilities.
These materials are given in the English, Latvian, German, Italian and Lithuanian languages.

This course may be of use to staff, the specialists of state and municipal institutions, mass media and for those working in the field of social inclusion.

Ability not Disability in Workplace

Iespēja nav nespēja darba vide

Befähigungen statt Behinderungen am Arbeitsplatz

Gebėjimai, o ne negalia darbo vietoje

Abilità, non Dis-Abilità sul posto di lavoro

The distance education course “Ability not Disability in Workplace” Trainer’s Notes
includes notes for trainers to help the student/audience be successful. These materials are given in the English, Latvian, German, Italian and Lithuanian languages. This has been prepared to be presented as a selective master course in the fields like social services, social politics, professional relations, educational sciences for graduate studies. The course is prepared to contribute the existent employers and directors as well as students.
Apart from that, the content of the course will be beneficial both for the persons who give services in rehabilitation centers for disabled people professionally and the directors and experts of the related NGO’s.

Trainers Notes

ANNEX to the Distance Education Course
Annnex aims to help students/audience to understand better and to gain much comprehensive insight on employment and integrating people with disability in workplace. This book includes analytical reviews, survey results on managers’ perception of the integrating and employability of disabled people which were carried out in Germany, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania and cases from other European Union countries.